Who we are and what we do. Also, who we aren’t and what we don’t do.

     Combat-osu consists of people with principles. Righteous, very well trained people. We combined the experience of professional soldiers and martial arts instructors using the mechanics of movement as the scientific base of our system. We have former soldiers, experienced martial arts instructors, prize-winning former martial arts competitors. We are a team of professionals and practitioners. All techniques used in our system have been tested in fights and we can guarantee their effectiveness. Our members actively practice Combat-osu techniques which is why we are always ready to make a presentation or conduct a training session with a client anywhere around the world. Our system isn’t an amalgam of techniques copied from other styles and martial arts. It is a unique system aimed at completely eliminating the opponent. Combat-osu is not a selfdefence system. Combat-osu literally eliminates the opponent. It is a military system aimed at providing advantage on the battlefield and keeping soldiers alive during direct confrontation. We are ready to train people that need it and are righteous anywhere in the world.

     We are not mercenaries, we don’t actively participate in fights, we are not bodyguards and we do not train extremists. Our offer is aimed exclusively at the military and police special enforcement units which is directly tied to the specificity of Combat-osu which doesn’t provide for any tolerance for the opponent. Combat-osu is a ruthless, dedicated combat system aimed at complete elimination of the opponent.

     The only training course that we offer for civilians is a special training course for drivers (e.g. taxi drivers) teaching them how to protect themselves against an attack when driving a vehicle