III Cross Commando – Bolesławiec 2016 (Poland, Lower Silesia)

On 3 September 2016, in a town of Bolesławiec (Poland, Lower Silesia), an event took place on the premises of a military unit in relation to the 49th anniversary of establishing a special unit called “62 KS Commando. The main point of the celebrations was an official speech where the attendees were reminded about the history and achievements of the unit. The speech was preceded by “III Cross Commando organised in the morning hours. Nearly 300 runners from the entire country faced the challenge of combatting a difficult track at a distance of 8.5 kilometers. Apart from all categories, we took part in our own competition: pushing a UAZ (a military off-road vehicle), which was a surprise for the organizers and other participants. Our 11-man team achieved a record-high score on the track, pushing the 2-tonne vehicle to the finish line in less than 80 minutes. It is astonishing that a few contenders reached the finish line after us.