Show of Kyoksul

On Saturday, 2 September in the army unit in Bolesławiec (Poland, Lower-Silesian Province), on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of forming the special military unit “62 KS Commando”, in front of big audience of veterans, soldiers, politicians and their families we made a show of Kyoksul.

On Monday, 25 September we made a show of hand-to-hand fighting for students and teachers in uniformed services high-school. The program of the show was based on Kyoksul techniques. Naturally, we couldn’t go without fighting with weapons (knife, entrenching tool, rifle with sword bayonet, gun) and breaking hard roof tiles, which after breaking acted like a knife blade, of which several instructors found to their cost.

The preparations and programs of shows were supervised by colonel Edward Mazur, who is one of the graduates of special course of Kyoksul organized in Wrocław, in years 1979-1980 in Military Academy of Engineering Troops, for the soldiers of professional special military units. The training of Kyoksul was the element of military cooperation between the Polish People’s Republic and Korean People’s Democratic Republic.