Our Offer

     We can offer you comprehensive training from A to Z or only the specific point selected by the client. However, to achieve maximum effectiveness we advise you to complete the full course. The course usually takes place at the location owned by the client, e.g. at the grounds of a military school or at a military base. We train groups of several, a dozen or so or even more people (this is possible due to soldiers not having issues with discipline and being able to focus on the presented topic). The instructor can stay at the military base making the course fit with the schedule of the trained soldiers.

We offer the following courses:

  • unarmed vs knife
  • unarmed vs rifle
  • unarmed vs shovel/axe/machete/baton/other undefined weapon
  • unarmed vs gun
  • unarmed vs unarmed
  • knife vs knife
  • knife vs unarmed
  • rifle vs knife/shovel/baton/unarmed
  • vehicle drive vs armed or unarmed
  • hand to hand combat/disabling armed and unarmed opponents

     Each of the aforementioned courses takes several to around a dozen or so meetings that last for 90-120 minutes each, depending on the subject’s complexity. The meetings include an explanation of the techniques, their presentation and exercise with a partner. Various scenarios that can occur in the battlefield are practised. A presentation in the form of a video material may be presented, showing real life situations.

We offer a special course for drivers (e.g. taxi drivers) on how to protect themselves against an attack while driving a vehicle.